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Today I felt that I just wanted to spend some “me” time and distract my thoughts. Do you ever want to do that too?

So I went for a wander around my garden with my camera and 2 of my lenses. My macro or close up and my longer distance 70-200 mm lens. I not only wanted to share with you the beauty in my garden but to give you a few hints on how to make your images a little different to the normal. 

Out the back door I went and turned left. 

     Fern_71A4419Fern_71A4419      Arun Lily _71A4417Arun Lily _71A4417

This is one of the 20 new fronds on the tree fern which is flourishing following all the rain. Sheltered by its large branches is the Arum Lily-Green Goddess. 

The are taken with the longer lens which helps to blur the background.  This is a similar effect to the portrait setting on the phone cameras. 

A few steps further and 2 lavender plants. One white and the other purple. The purple is nearing the end of flowering but I like the light that was filtering through some of the fresher petals. 

    Purpple lavendar_71A4434Purpple lavendar_71A4434

HINT:  Get down low to take the image at the same level as the bloom. A different angle can enhance your image. 

Lavendar white_71A4650Lavendar white_71A4650  My daughter had given me the white lavender.  It brought back memories of  when my mum visited her friend's gardens and would come home with a handful of cuttings. Lovingly she would plant them and as she enjoyed her garden the plants would remind her of her friends.  

_71A3714Leaves_71A3714Leaves             Gum leaves_71A4465 2Gum leaves_71A4465 2

Looking for the light is a photographer's catch cry and when I saw the lily leaves from a different angle, this image on the left was the result. Nothing clever other than looking for the light.

Passing the gum tree I thought I would slow the shutter speed and move the camera in a downward sweep for this “arty” image on the right.

HINT: Just experiment with the camera and use deliberate movement to create a different image.


I gave the same treatment to the trunk below of the tree below I really liked the outcome.    

HINT:  Look for patterns and textures to become the centre of the attention.


Blue gum trunk 3_Blue gum trunk 3_

The little bulbs have come up and this delicate flower was just catching the afternoon light.   

Orchid_71A4479Orchid_71A4479            Autumn leaves_71A4497Autumn leaves_71A4497

Then I looked skyward to see the complimentary colours of the leaves against the blue sky.

HINT:  Look up for a different perspective. 

The sun was getting lower and was backlighting the spider web. I used my close up lens for this and only took a small piece of the unusual patterned web. The weeds were growing too and were also sharing the back light as was the peach blossom.

     Grass_71A4549Grass_71A4549                    Web_71A4515Web_71A4515 Sun flare and cherry rotated _71A4571Sun flare and cherry rotated _71A4571 As I was heading back inside I noticed the gentle colours of the succulent and then the holly berries.  My thoughts jumped to Christmas and my hopes for a normal celebration sprung to mind. 
Green succulent_71A4582Green succulent_71A4582 Holly_71A4538Holly_71A4538

Thank you for taking a wander with me around my garden looking at a few of the differences ways that we can play with our images.     

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