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I have been thinking a lot more about my dad lately with Father’s Day less than a week away.

He was a quiet man (a trait I didn’t inherit) who had the best backyard veggie garden and could fix anything. He was a shift worker and was able to do the grocery shopping while mum was at work (ahead of his time as far as sharing jobs with mum) and would always know where the best specials were. 

So it comes as no surprise when I think of my dad, that I love to photograph other dad’s and their children. 


How much fun is it to see that world from the perspective of dad’s strong shoulders?

My dad had strong hands but was always able to “tinker” with the smaller objects to construct and repair. 

Dad’s teach us many things and catching a ball is one of the best.

What I wouldn’t give to have dad with me to sit and have a chat. Time does go fast seems to stand still in photographs.      


During some of this down time I have been searching for photos of my dad and me and I have barely have any, but I do have the memories, even after 37 years. I remember how proud he was of me when I passed exams, played the piano or danced on the stage. He certainly shared with me his great love for musical theatre which I have shared with my 2 daughters and many students.

I have such clear memories of simple things like looking for our white rabbit in the veggie garden and finding him in the carrot patch, walking to the corner shop for fish and chips on a Friday and watching tv together in the evenings.He taught me by his actions and was always willing to help others. He loved animals and was very gentle.I do not wonder where my love for the simple things in life comes from and am grateful for the years I had with him. I wish I had some more images of us both when I was growing up. 

Look at the pride and love this wonderful dad has for his girls. What a privilege it is for me to share in these families lives as we think of our dads on Father's Day 2020.   




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