PHOTOS ARE OUR LINK TO THE PAST-A trip down memory lane.

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At this time of the year when we are normally preparing for our Term 3 holidays, parents are again home schooling or maybe if their children are grown up like mine, they are decluttering, taking up craft or binging on Netflix.  I know that’s a wide glancing statement but I am sure you get my drift. 
371A2584 "Boxes of old photos that hold the keys to the past". Kodak Family Neagtives371A2584Boxes of photos from the past. Family photographer, Suzanne Martin photographyStoring old packets of photos. Decluttering photos

So while I am continually decluttering (after spending a life of serious crafting), and keeping everything (just in case) I have started reminiscing through  old packets of photos.  Mostly unlabelled, and in no specific order. (a jumbled mess really to be honest).

Just the smell of the old photos takes me back in time. Back when my wrinkles were hardly visible and Garry, my husband had hair. I guess it is more than appropriate to show you this one of our wedding 38 years ago today! Photographed here at the Historic Homestead, Laurel Lodge in Dandenong. Click here to visit the website. Look at my Dad's beautiful Vauxhall Cresta. He would have been so proud to see it in my wedding. 

IMG_7833IMG_7833 As I open each mystery packet I feel the image and touch it’s edges and am immediately transported back to when the photo was taken. I remember the weather on that day, how I felt and what I was doing and sometimes even the smell of what we may have been cooking. This is one of my parents wedding reception, I love seeing their emotions and looking at them years before I was born.

My old photos are basically only paper with a chemically fixed solution but they are our links to the past. They are priceless and how I wish I had more. 

I have barely any of my mum, dad and me. I actually found a couple I don’t remember having ever seen.  Faded and out of focus but wow I love them. This is such a glimpse into the 60's. hairstyles, (not sure about my dad's combover)  house design, and by the way, that's me in the middle. 


The actual feel of the photo as I hold it close then pass it around to my family to see what memories it evokes for them. We all have a good laugh and then reflect.  The connections and feelings are all different to each one of us but the photo remains the same. 

I love to find images of my mum, dad and grandparents and treasure these more each day. I've decided they're not all going back into packets in boxes in cupboards hidden away.  As my mum is ageing and her memory is fast disappearing I know that these are all I have to remind me of her past.  Having lost my dad nearly 40 years ago you can imagine how much these trigger memories. My mum used to drive me to high school in this Morris 8/40. Dad looked after his cars with such care.

I know how much these images will mean to my children, their children’s children and so on. This makes them more important than anything money can buy. These pieces of printed paper hold my family history and show me my mum and dad's love. They are proof of their existence.

Just wanted to pop this one in of yours truly, with my favourite toy. It is in a frame on the shelf in my mum's house and has always been part of the decor.   IMG_7850 2IMG_7850 2

Photos also remind us of events and occasions that we had forgotten. My girls are now 28 and 31 so I guess that may be a reason why!!
Here is Kass, my eldest daughter at the beach.  I can't remember taking this but she clearly remembers her shoes!! 

Kass on beach-2Kass on beach-2

I had better add one of Ellie as well. There were so many but I thought this summed her up really well. She still has a quirky sense of humour and can make you laugh.    Ellie Crazy hat_7865Ellie Crazy hat_7865

The photos we take today are for the future generations. I have had the most wonderful day looking through only a small portion of my boxes of photos. Don't we love to look back at images of our children, parents or grandparents? How lucky are we now that they can be so well preserved as art works to be past down to future generations. 

In finishing, here is a piece of wall art with 7 images. Printed on archival paper and behind museum quality glass. Preserved for decades to come. I hope you have enjoyed fossicking through my images and urge you to do the same. There is nothing quite like the feel, smell and touch of old photos.

And now let me have the pleasure of taking your family photos and having a lifetime of memories. 

family having fun, dachshunds7-up blog- 371A3009-001my family,

This is the type of photo I can take for you that will last forever along with the memories. Give me a call for a chat about family photoshoots or click on the link to drop me an email.  Email me now







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