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Don’t Play With Your Food. 

Did your parents ever tell you not to play with your food?  Maybe it was a result of you being dished up the brussel sprouts and pushing them around the plate hoping they would somehow vaporise? (that was my side of the story)

Well I have been having the best time during lockdown “playing” with my food and not in the above mentioned way. 

I do not do very well with the “cooking side” of things. I leave that to Ellie my daughter and Garry my husband.  I can forget the pot’s on the stove and wander off till I smell the aroma of singed dinner.  Cooking is not my forte. 

"Playing" with my food however has become another of my passions. 

Pumpkin Soup_71A5898Pumpkin Soup_71A5898

Those couple of chilly days prompted me to prepare some hearty soup. (by prepare I mean opening the can)

The pumpkin was scrumptious.  Do you have a favourite ‘go to ‘ soup?


This was also a spicy paella soup. I masterfully opened the can. The tomato flavour was really rich. 

I must admit I have such a sweet tooth.  I had fun playing with the icing sugar as I sprinkled it over the salted caramel slice.  (courtesy of Woollies and highly recommended)


Slice with icing_71A5874Slice with icing_71A5874

How much fruit can you fit in a bowl? Well there were a couple of berries that took a dive over the edge but the ones that stayed behind looked appetising and were quickly demolished after their time on the camera.    


Fruit Bright Apron_71A5785Fruit Bright Apron_71A5785

After a fun time “playing with my food” I sat down to a cup of hot chocolate and “coffee cup”, this time courtesy of Theobroma, a shop that I am missing visiting. 


Coffe cups sep 2020_71A0455Coffe cups sep 2020_71A0455

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Happy playing with your food!



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