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I have rediscovered craft in my extra time during isolation and, in particular, crocheting. When I was younger I remember learning how to crochet granny squares (as they are called now). All I needed was the wool and one hook.  It was fun while the square grew quickly, but when the edges became very long it took ages to do a round. (You see, you start at the centre and the square expands}

So, while I was in disbelief as to the length of time I was at home and not venturing out, I started to google crochet patterns and shop online. (I could convince myself shopping was ok if it involved a crochet hook, wool or fabric.)

What should I crochet that was quick and useful and pretty?  Only three requirements!  It was obvious that props and accessories for newborn photography was the perfect solution. 

This was my first article - and I've only just realised it's knitted, not crocheted. Oops!!


When I put the articles out to photograph I was surprised to see how many I had started and also realise how many ends I have to finish off before the newborn bubs arrive.Here are 2 props that are similar to the granny squares with some more ornate centres.

Crochet_71A7307-2Crochet_71A7307-2 Crochet_71A7314-4Crochet_71A7314-4

These petite crocheted flowers can accompany the small shawl and style a shoot specific to your little one. Just have a look at how many ends I have to finish on those flowers.  Maybe I could outsource the finishing. Any takers? Crochet_71A7317-6Crochet_71A7317-6  

I love the rainbow colours of these little flowers and they blend so beautifully.  Thanks Spotlight store for a cute idea to package these single balls in one item. 


On the way here to finishing these rainbow hearts. 


This is a little bow headband, soon to be assembled.  These articles can be made to suit any colour scheme. 

Crochet_71A7336-12Crochet_71A7336-12          Crochet_71A7344-13Crochet_71A7344-13

Oh Oh.  Look at the number of ends to finish on these flowers.  Eek!

I can't wait to have a little girl to try this lacy dress.


Now this is something new.  Styling a headband with chiffon and pearls. You could imagine how much I loved making this.   


Some more ends to finish off here and some ears to add to the cap.  This was crocheted with 2 balls of yarn at the same time. It is so silky and soft.


Sometimes I have wonder where my isolation time went. I guess I have put some of the time to good use and this collection has been a testament to that. I love combining my passion for photography and creating crafts. 

Have you rediscovered an old passion you had as a child?

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