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I couldn't be happier than when I have my camera and am with a family as they share some fun, laughter and love. I get the same feeling as when I am teaching a dance class.   

Mia was a dance student of mine and it was a great pleasure to visit her family’s property in Launching Place. 

Planning for a family session is very much like preparing for a dance class.  I begin with a road map but am always ready for changes in direction.  I have my gear already and packed in the car just like my shoes and iTunes playlist for my dance class.

When I am working with children the session usually takes a change of direction and that’s what I love so much about them.  Spontaneity, laughter and lots of love.

No two families are the same and likewise every session has it's differences.

Lots of giggles and laughter from Mia and Nat. 

A quick peak through the wool shed railings and my camera is ready to go .

A surprise cuddle from little brother Nat who was so full of life and could run as fast as any 4 year old I have ever met. He kept me on my toes so I guess another similarity to dance teaching. (ha ha)

During the quieter times I like to capture the little connections that become part of the treasures.  Hands tell us so much. You can feel mum’s love holding  these little fingers.  Hands and fingers are used to express emotion and connection in dance too. 

Nat had better ideas for the use of his hands.  “To infinity and beyond.”

When there are Autumn leaves everywhere what else would you do?

I am fortunate to have taught 1000's of dance classes and know that they prepare me well for my family sessions. Thinking on my feet (there I go again with a dance reference) is a skill I take for granted now.  Changing plans, adapting to personalities, encouraging children and keeping it all natural come easily.  

Special thanks to Hayley, Leigh, Mia and Nat who were such a joy to photograph.  






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