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I have two wonderful grand fur babies of the mini dachshund kind.  Now like every good grandma I should love them both the same but I have a secret. Shhhhh. I love one of them more.   

Now who wouldn’t?   When there is a photoshoot with his little brother and they are asked to sit up and look interested who goes to sleep? (the little brother)

When there's a dress up day and a purple octopus is the chosen outfit, who steps up to the plate and models it with style?

Meet the favourite,  Ollie.  He has had a covid birthday and is now10 years old. (I think that is 70  years in a dog’s life)


He is a great swimmer and always barks at strangers. (mind you he also barks at the rain, but let’s ignore that)

He also laughs at all of my jokes and nobody else does that!!!!!! 

Ollie loves Christmas and especially loves Santa. (aka Grandpa).

Look at his gorgeous ears and those big brown eyes.  

He is such a cuddly and loyal friend and I love him to bits. Ollie also loves his little adopted brother and I can't write this without mentioning how much I love him too. I will tell you his story another day. 

Thanks Ollie for being a loyal and faithful friend. 

























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