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I know that many of your puppies are going on extra walks during this time and are so happy to have their mums and dads at home. However, at my house, the furry feline has not been so excited.  “Why?” you may ask.  I have been stalking her for photos!! 





Tiffany Rosebud, the petite tortoise shell is almost 20 and has been spritely since that Christmas Day when she leapt out of the box from under the tree. 

When Tiff, spies me with my camera, she flees. (actually she doesn’t have any of these LOL)

So, with camera in hand I stealthily creep into her parlour to capture the image. .

HINT: Move slowly and quietly. 

Drat! She has spotted me and is absolutely sure of my intentions.  Before she races off, I enlist an assistant (my daughter Ellie) to distract her with her favourite toy.

HINT:  Provide a distraction in the form of a toy or make gentle clicking sounds to keep their interest. 


Ha ha!! This was one result of my distraction technique.  (Isn’t she cute?)

Soon however she becomes unimpressed with the toy and out into the sunshine she goes (with the sleuth photographer in close pursuit.)

After some successful peg hunting, she settles and then gives me that “Do you still have that camera?” look.  I am ready and "click" I have captured her.



HINT:  Patience, patience and more patience. Be prepared to lie in wait!!! Get down low and take the image at eye level.

I am never sure whether I have tired her out or she just gives in to appease me. I very much think it is the latter. 

So thank you Tiff for being such a loyal beautiful friend and for your continued tolerance.

REMEMBER:  When capturing your furry feline, move slowly and quietly, provide a distraction and be PATIENT.    



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