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“Never work with animals or children,” is a famous theatrical quote. I want to show you why I disagree

Spending time with those you love is one of life’s greatest pleasures and to be asked to photograph a family is such a joy and privilege, including their animals and young children.



Welcome to one of my very first photo sessions. I have known Marlie for a long time and I was excited to catch up with her again and to meet her husband Paul, her little daughter Sage and her horses Forrest and Coco.


 Children are so inquisitive and when left to their own devices find wonder in the smallest of things. 

Sage was interested in what she could do with the sandy track and not the least in what I was doing, so I knelt down to her level to have a look too. 

When working with children patience is a virtue. I love capturing their spontaneity and their quirky behaviours but it usually takes time and as I said patience-lots of it! 

Sage gave me a smile as she started to show me some trust. 



Family pets come in all shapes and sizes just as families do and that's the wonderful thing about meeting them all.
Pets are family too with their own personalities.  Forrest and Coco were no exceptions.   

Not sure what Marlie said but Forrest thought it was funny. Sharing with a family and capturing connection, love and some laughs is the best !!!!!! 

What a great time we had and how lucky am I to share these moments? 

I would like to leave you with my amended quote -  ALWAYS WORK WITH ANIMALS AND CHILDREN





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