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The day looked perfect and we arrived at the beach where Walter Barney was rearing to go. The miniature labradoodle had his favourite purple frisbee and just loved the beach.


You know, they say the window to the soul is the eyes and Walter sure had fabulous windows. 


“What was the pain?” I hear you ask (no pun intended) Where were these beautiful windows? They were covered by a mass of curly wet fringe and I barely got a glimpse of them.


Setting the shutter speed to very high I lay down on the wet sand in my position of choice.

Where was Walter? Darting in and out of the water at the speed of light and rushing up to investigate what I was doing.  Wait!!!  Then of course, we all couldn’t stop laughing because he had to shake off the excess water, stuck on the ground… I was totally showered!   Thanks Walter. 


Armed with treats and his purple frisbee we coaxed him to stand still just long enough to capture those gorgeous eyes and here are the results! Thank you Walter. Your mummy, your sisters and I had the best day!!! 


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