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                    SOME OF MY "GO TO" SECOND HAND SHOPS. 

Who doesn’t enjoy fossicking around looking for a great bargain? I know I love it, and it’s even better when I

can attach a great reason to my expeditions. I went wandering to some of my favourite haunts including the Salvos,

Savers and a few new places I will tell you about in a minute. Now these places mightn’t be where you thought I

would be shopping, but that’s because I am on the hunt for props that I can use to for my family's photoshoots. 

My first find was a cute little rag doll in our local Salvos. 

Perfect for Santa's Workshop.

371A2485-1371A2485-1 Next I found a Raggedy Ann doll from PICKERS RETRO HAVEN in Beaconsfield. Another perfect little doll for Santa's workshop or a toy themed portrait session.

Pickers is a store where you can rent a stall or cabinet to sell your products.  It's amazing. Nothing to look at from the street but a wonder of goods inside. Even some very sweet lolly bags. (maybe I had a big sugar fix that day.).      Click here to visit their facebook



IMG_7537 2IMG_7537 2

Now, I want you to keep the next one a secret. PLEASE. My husband Garry doesn't know about this one yet.!! It will be so cute in Santa's workshop when it gets a lick of paint and some TLC.  I purchased this at UNEARTHED in Berwick. A really quirky shop with lots of treasures.    Click here to visit their webpage

IMG_7671IMG_7671 IMG_7672IMG_7672

Now when we can’t go wandering around the shops do not fear, there is always MARKETPLACE. 

  The app connected to Facebook where you buy and sell preloved or new items.  Drum roll please and look at my find.

                        Da da da dah. This is a rocking car. Do you like my idea of personalised number plates changeable for who ever would like a ride?                                                                           

IMG_7656 2IMG_7656 2 IMG_7657IMG_7657

I am rather excited about designing some scenes for Christmas and renovating my wonderful discoveries. 

So stay tuned for my next blog with updates on how the handiwork is going and I am sure I will have some instalments.

I am excited about the new backdrops for Christmas and can't wait for them to arrive. 



























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